If all you can do is crawl, start crawling.
― Rumi (via 972love)

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May 07 20:44 with 85 notes
This week’s exercise completed

Sun: 25 min run & 30DS level 1 (535cals)
Mon: 1hr Hi/Lo class & 30DS level 1 (768cals)
Tues: Rest
Weds: 25min run, 25 min walking dogs & 30DS level 1 (650cals)
Thurs: 1hr boxing class (585cals)
Fri: 1hr Swiss ball class (483cals) & physio exercises
Sat: 1hr body attack class (589cals).

My body is in need of a rest day tomorrow. Feelsgoodman.

May 04 22:31
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